China Business ServicesHong Tu offers a variety of services to help you succeed at business in China. These services include consulting regarding selling and marketing in China, intercultural teamwork, translation/interpretation and meeting planning. We will even identify an appropriate Chinese name that will help you develop your personal brand in China.

Manufacturing in China

A decade or so ago, low costs created a business advantage for some companies to manufacture to China. Due to rising labor costs, the cost of manufacturing in China has risen dramatically over the last 10 years. Based on cost alone it may not make sense for your company to manufacture in China. Companies considering manufacturing in China today should be considering a variety of factors including both a Chinese partner to assist in intellectual property protection and provide access to China’s growing middle class.

Chinese Interpreting Services

Interpreting services are important for most international business ventures and this is particularly true for China. When selecting an interpreter for business meetings, you need support not only with communication but also with the business process. Your interpreter should understand the business at hand and help you understand the cultural context of the meeting. This is particularly true for a sales meeting or when negotiating with a business partner. In fact, for important meetings you may want to hire two interpreters.

Chinese Translation Services

Translating business documents requires an eye for detail and subject matter expertise. When arranging to have the documents translated, there should be discussion around the level of quality control. For important documents, there should be a quality control process that includes reviewing the document by a second separate translator with subject matter expertise. Selecting the right translator is key for the success of your project.

China Consulting Services

Hong Tu brings expertise in business in China and the west as well as a strong understanding of China’s business culture. We begin each project with a needs assessment and then build the right team to deliver a successful project. We can directly help you address concerns around managing a China team, negotiating business deals, developing a strategic marketing plan for China, adjusting your company’s marketing and sales approach to fit China.

Business Training Services

Hong Tu provides online or on site training for corporations doing work in China. We deliver business training and/or Chinese language training that is customized towards your organization’s specific needs.

China Meeting Support

Some meetings are important or even crucial to your business operations in China. For these meetings, it is important that everything goes according to plan. Our meeting planning services will help you plan a meeting that will work in China. This includes preparation around learning key player’s names, mastering basic phrases and adjusting the meeting process to fit Chinese culture.

Chinese Names

When people from the west go to China, they often have their names translated phonetically. This results in a name that sounds like your name, but has little or no meaning in Chinese. We help you select a Chinese name that fits you. We consider your character and personality and develop a name that fits the culture. This name offers an opportunity to stand out with an opportunity to developing your brand by telling a story.

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