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The Colorado Chinese Language Center provided me with key phrases while traveling and living in Shanghai, China. The private classes were extremely helpful and Sharon, my teacher, was patient, encouraging and always made me feel comfortable when trying to learn a difficult, complicated language. I would reccommend CCLC to anyone interested in learning the Chinese language. It was money well spent and fun. I had a great experience with this company. I recently moved to China and have used what I learned for every day life.

Kathy Vitale

Committees Liaison, American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai


Qing Yen is just terrific to work with. She is very patient with us folks who can find Chinese a challenge. But every class is enjoyable and filled with information. She is also willing to side track a little and cover topics that are current, like the Mid-Autumn Festival, or something of particular interest, like how do you say “golf” in Chinese! Every class is a joy.


Denver, Co


My friend went to Nanjing to teach English for a year and I wanted to learn Chinese so I could visit him. I have taken classes at CCLC for six months. Sharon Zhang constantly keeps me speaking and thinking in Chinese during the lessons and is always there to answer my questions between classes. I think CCLC has been a better investment of time and money than studying on my own or at a college class would have been.

Zack Tillotson

Software Engineer in Golden, Co


I can unequivocally recommend your school and Sharon’s excellent teaching style to any and all students from the business world interested in learning Mandarin Chinese. I spend roughly one hundred days a year in China. Unlike in America, where we expect foreign business colleagues to be fluent in English, most Chinese in the business world speak very good English. Nonetheless, I found very quickly that, even with the most rudimentary Mandarin skills, my understanding of culture, custom and conversation, and my relationships with friends and partners in China improved exponentially. Further, people very much appreciated my feeble efforts and were delighted to help me progress. So much of business in Asia is conducted socially or informally, and these settings are rich in opportunities to learn and to build bridges of trust and familiarity.

I will always remember the first time, in Shanghai, when what the content of what I said was funny, versus how I sounded. A real breakthrough!
Sharon’s approach to learning Mandarin is friendly, fast, approachable and fun. Sharon is one of the very best teachers I have had in school and since, in any subject area.
I plan to continue my study with you long into the future!

Geoff O’Keeffe

American Recreation Products


Our company does business in China and we wanted to learn Mandarin to improve our communications. CCLC turned out to be a great fit. The small, private classes made the process comfortable and very effective. Sharon is a wonderful teacher with infinite patience.


Broomfield, Co


Hong Tu has changed my life! Many of my friends and relatives often ask me “Can you really speak Chinese?” or the one I like even better, “Why would someone your age want to learn Chinese?” That last one always makes me smile. I guess I chose to learn Chinese because I think you have to keep learning in life, i.e. step out of your comfort zone, or risk becoming stagnant. I am living proof that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Thanks to Hong Tu this old dog just keeps on learning. I consider the whole staff at Hong Tu my friends and QingYan is one of the best teachers I have ever had (in any academic discipline). She just seems to know when to push and when to let up. Like any thing in life worth doing you will “hit the wall” at certain times in the process. At Hong Tu they have the know-how to guide you through these times and keep you on track in reaching your language goals. I highly recommend Hong Tu’s “personal touch” teaching methods. Take a chance and try the “first lesson free” offer. I did and I have never looked back!


Denver, Co

Sharon’s teaching style is individualized and effective! A friend took Mandarin for a couple of years and felt my pronunciation and vocabulary were better than hers – after about 8 of Sharon’s lessons! Sharon really cares that I am learning!


Arvada, Co