The Right Way to Give Someone Your Business Card

Giving out business cards properly is extremely important in China

If you don’t give it out the correct way, it is a sure sign that you are either rude or don’t know what you are doing.

If you do this wrong, your new connection won’t feel that connected.

In my view, it really boils down to paying the proper attention and respect to the person you have just met.

  1. Business cards in China are called name cards or míng piàn.
  2. Give everyone a business card personally. Don’t pass them around.
  3. Get nice business cards and take care of them. Never give out one that is dirty, smudged or wrinkled.  Always have several on hand. You lose a lot of respect if you run out.
  4. Hand the business card to your new connection with both hands.  The type should be facing your new Chinese business partner. Your thumb should be on the top of the card with your first and second finger behind the card.  You should be looking at them but not staring them down.   Think of it as offering your full but polite attention to the person.
  5. When they take your card, nod your head in a respectful “bow.”
  6. If you are feeling adventurous, you can say “Qǐng Duō Zhǐ Jiào,” which means, please teach me more.  Teach in this case means mentor or guide.